Pay for your own Garbage!

Our throw-away society supports a generation of excess, frivolous spending and irresponsible garbage disposal.  On average, one person generates seven to times their own body weight in waste.Charge ItIf people were responsible to pay for their own garbage disposal, you can bet there would be an effort to cut down on waste.  When we are permitted to bag up anything we don’t want, leave it by the curb and have it magically disappear by the next morning free of charge, it removes any personal connection between the unwanted packing and the garbage bin where it is disposed.Creating waste is way too easy.  We buy take-out food; it comes with a free container. What if there was an additional charge for it?Deposit for ReturnIn the United Kingdom, approximately 1.5 million computers are thrown away every year; most of these end up in landfill sites.  If consumers were charged for recycling at the time of purchase and were refunded the charge at the time of recycling, people would assume a higher level of responsibility for their own waste.  Businesses should be offered a tax break to recycle and properly dispose of all parts.Apply beer store logic. The purchase of beer includes the charge for the bottle return which is returned to the consumer when the empties are returned for recycling.  Add a refundable recycle charge for styrofoam, plastics, cell phones, computer parts, appliances and anything else that contains absolutely no organic matter.  People should have the option to pay for their take-out containers or ask to have the food placed in a recyclable container provided by the consumer.Encourage ResponsibilityIt should be easier to make greener choices than to continue to act in an environmentally irresponsible manner.  Supporting initiatives that manufacture consumer goods from sustainable energy sources should have priority.In Texas, many businesses are taking advantage of the tax breaks to make some renovations that will accommodate LEED® building standards, which stipulate that construction projects reduce waste material by recycling it or donating it to other construction projects rather than disposing of it in landfill sites.Unfortunately, most people will not take the initiative to make greener choices without some kind of incentive.  Laziness and greed has almost cost us our planet.  It is a moral defeat that we have to bribe people to take care of their garbage, but whatever works.

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