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I hate using a phone. First, when I started my main business about 10 years ago, I went with a cell phone instead of a land line. Four offices and hundreds of employees later, I just got rid of it. I forwarded it to my Google Voice number and will convert my incoming calls to emails….and reply to them via email.

My wife wouldn’t let me totally be free of a phone. I have a cell that I gave the number to my wife and both of our parents for emergencies. Everyone else gets the Google Voice number (a different one than above) and many will just get sent to voicemail. Friends’ calls get routed to my cell during some hours.

Returning calls via email lets people get the hint. I have told $250,000+year clients that I don’t do phones and they have to email me to reach me. I have told my staff that very same thing. It has worked very well – except that 1 emergency phone call that I get every 90 days.

Here’s why I hate phones and love email:

Phones require both parties to have free time to speak at the same time.

Phone calls can’t be outsourced – email can.

Phones require you to be available to people at a specific point in time.

If you travel internationally, email is so much for convenient.

Exchanging pleasantries is a waste of time.

Phone calls can’t be outsourced.

Pauses are awkward.

Lectures via email are easier to delete than listening through their phone speech.

Did I mention phone calls can’t be outsourced?

The Oatmeal put together a comedic presentation of these and several other reasons why Phones suck.

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