Picking Your Weapon in a Duel

The first American duel was at Plymouth Rock back in the 1620’s. Over the centuries, the duel has played an important role in the manly idiot’s view of personal disrespect. We are all bigger men than that – we you never know….

The modern day duel is probably the guy in the bar who asks you to step outside. Perhaps in other places in the world, there are still more gentlemanly ways to duel – methods with traditional.

David and Goliath’s fight with weapons of choice was probably the most well known duel of history. As you should know, Goliath fitted himself with over 100 pounds of weaponry and armor. David, the undersized boy, came at Goliath with a sling shot and some rocks. Well all know who won.

Duels have been fought with a variety of weapons throughout history. A few that I have heard about include muskets, swords, hot-air balloons, rocks and even billiard balls. It seems like the best thing to do is to figure out if both parties will be using the same weaponry. Since the challenged sets the terms of the duel, you may have the option.

If both parties will indeed be using the same weaponry, your decision will be how committed you are to your duel. Do you want to die or just be maimed? I’d prefer to be the one doing the killing or maiming – but it’s probably a 50/50 kind of deal here.

It is more respectful to stick with traditional tools – don’t use a Glock handgun or a machete – at least get some black powder muskets. After all, it could be your last purchase, so you should have a little class here. Obviously, if you think you will have the upper-hand with a bow and arrow, you will probably want to use that.

From the Art of Manliness: A duel had to be conducted calmly and coolly to be dignified, and the preliminaries could take weeks or months; a letter requesting an apology would be sent, more letters would be exchanged, and if peaceful resolution could not be reached, plans for the duel would commence.

It was tradition to do a duel properly and with procedure. Stepping outside and playing chicken with your cars are not the gentlemanly ways to duel. If you are serious about settling something, I recommend doing a test duel somewhere like a paint-ball course first – then go for the more serious duel weapons.

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