Plug Keys Into a Wall: Homemade Ethernet Key Chains and Wall Dock

If keeping track of your keys at home is a difficult task and you are a self-professed computer geek or an aficionado of such things, there is an interesting solution that utilizes Ethernet cables and RJ-45 ports.The number of ports will depend on the number of keys that one will be hanging. Once this is decided, then the ports can be mounted directly on the wall or can be mounted onto a board or other surface before attaching to the wall itself. It is important to mount this securely into the wall. It should be attached to studs directly if possible. If there are no studs where this is to be mounted, wall anchors will certainly work as well.

To organize things further, labels can be placed on the ports for each set of keys. This can be done with a label maker or can be written onto the port directly if there is space and if you have decent handwriting.

On each key ring, the end of an Ethernet plug gets attached. This can be securely tied or taped to the key ring. Different colored cables can be used to differentiate various keys and add a pop of color.

While this is not an option for everyone, someone who is looking for an extremely unique and different way to hang keys may be interested in this DIY project. Regardless, it will surely get interesting looks and comments whenever someone sees your keys or is in your house and use the RJ-45 ports mounted on the wall.

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