Reasons Google+ Will Make Hiring Easier

The introduction of Google’s new social networking site Google+ doesn’t just have hipsters and Facebook haters talking. Recruiters and HR professionals are as well. This might seem a little strange, especially since most young professionals go out of their way to hide the embarrassing details (and photos) of their past while on the job hunt. But Google+, which has garnered millions of members in just a few weeks, could be a legitimate tool for job seekers and those who hire. Here’s why.

1. It provides a sleek, very navigable alternative to sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Let’s face it, Facebook is for kids and soccer moms, and LinkedIn is for the unemployed. For companies that are looking to hire the cream of the crop, these aren’t exactly the ideal outlet. Google+, which is attracting largely young, well-educated, and tech-savvy demographic, gives companies a better pool to pick from.

2. The “circles” feature in Google+ allows for the type of specified networking that other sites simply can’t provide. LinkedIn might be a dedicated professional network, but it’s chock full of the type of business doublespeak that tends to use as many words as possible to say as little as possible. Facebook, meanwhile, simply has no features that target professionals in a certain industry. Even using things like groups and fan pages, recruiters can end up contacting the guy who accidentally clicked “yes” on his IT professional group invite on his hasty way to a Mafia Wars session. With the Google+ “circles” feature, one can organize their connections based on relationship. Get a hold of some great employees’ “professional” circles, and you’re well on your way to finding some exceptional candidates.

3. Google+ is distraction free. It’s a simple, elegant social networking site. LinkedIn and Facebook have added features that expand their user base at the expense of the sites’ navigability and relevance. By keeping things simple, Google+ makes hiring actual people much easier – and doesn’t lend itself to the distractions that are built into other social networking sites.

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