Rumors of the iPad 3

The iPad has quickly burgeoned into a top of the line mobile computing platform. While it’s tech specs are not the best out of all of the tablets on the market, the combination of form factor, solid hardware, and, most importantly, the ubiquitous App Store make it the dominant tablet. The iPad has had enormous success and has already had one hardware refresh, adding both front and rear cameras, as well as a processor and GPU boost. This created a great platform, and rumors are swirling about what Apple has up its sleeve for the next iPad.

First of all, the iPad 3 should have a higher resolution display. As evidenced by the iPhone 4’s Retina display, the clarity and brilliance offered with such a stunning display won over many who were on the fence about the phone. While the iPad 3 may not have a resolution on the same magnitude as the iPhone 4, when the fact that it is used at a further distance is taken into account, it should look about the same to the naked eye. The iPad 3 should also have an improved processor as Apple is designing its processing units in-house now. A dual-core processor will probably not be used as it would take a major redesign of both iOS and the way in which Apps operate on the device. However, it should increase both graphics and processing speed.

With Apple’s recent addition of Thunderbolt technology in their laptop and desktop computers, there is a small possibility that this could be used with the iPad. This may allow the iPad to serve as an external, touch display for existing Mac computers and may open the iPad up to a larger market.

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