Sabre Holdings Celebrates LEED®

On April 9, 2009, Sabre Holdings received the Texas Governor’s Proclamation in a five-year anniversary celebration of the company’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certification for its global headquarters and campus.  Five years ago, Sabre Holdings established a green construction leadership role by incorporating the U.S. Green Building Council’s third party rating system.  The Southlake campus is one of the country’s largest projects to receive the silver LEED® certification.The proclamation was received by Sabre Holdings’ Director of Corporate Real Estate, Dean Sanderson.  Mr. Sanderson began planning the environmentally friendly green project seven years ago.  At that point, green construction was in its youthful stages and not yet widely accepted by the building industry.As evidenced by the current flood of LEED® certification projects in Texas, the green construction trend has definitely established a foothold in the state and on the national level.  Mr. Sanderson used the proclamation to issue the following statement:“Rather than just celebrate what we have already accomplished, we wanted to use this occasion as a way to encourage all our employees to take the environment personally.  We want our employees, whether they are part of this campus or are located in any of our worldwide facilities, to get personally involved and look for opportunities that they can make a difference.  We find that most people do want to contribute.  They just don’t always know what they can be doing on a personal level, so that is what we focused on for this celebration.”Amazingly, 50% of the building materials at the Sabre Holdings headquarters are from recycled content.  The exterior of the building is composed of local stone.In 2006, Sabre recycled 98.52 tons of waste material that would previously have been sent to a landfill.  On the Sabre campus, the environmental policy is part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility program.The building incorporates a heavy use of natural lighting with many water conservation initiatives and low-energy fluorescent lighting.  A landscaping plan that includes the use of native plants that require low-water maintenance scored high LEED® points.  Sabre Holdings is to be commended for their part in setting green construction as an important part of their community presence.

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