San Antonio’s Pearl Brewing Green Magic

The site of the former Pearl Brewery is at the center of San Antonio’s green commitment.  The exciting project is well positioned to garner national attention and plenty of local interest as Artistic Builders sets about accomplishing a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certification.  At the core of the reconstruction project is the Full Goods Building, which will occupy 67,000 square feet of spectacular office space as well as an aggressive packaging and shipping facility.Artistic Builders is utilizing a related company, Capco Steel, to provide the light-gauge steel framing, metal-clad wall systems and specialty steel and structural fabrication for the highly visible project.  The commitment to sustainable construction has been challenging but is the only way to go for San Antonio and the Pearl complex.To achieve LEED® certification, the Pearl design called for a minimum of 75% of the project’s waste to be recycled.  The Full Goods site has charged a subcontractor to assist with this phase.  All wood, drywall, cardboard and similar waste is sent to the subcontractor’s site where recyclables are separated.  Materials are then ground into powder for recycling.  Steel waste is recycled as scrap by Capco.  Artistic Builders estimates that through the recycling effort, 80% of site waste has been diverted from local landfills.Full Goods subscribes to the U.S. Green Building Council’s mandate that sustainable construction should serve to benefit employees and surrounding neighbors.  The company has focused on interior air quality.Only adhesives, paints and solvents with low-volatile, organic-compound ratings have been used.  This specification was developed in the LEED® design process and will assist with elevating the interior air quality.  During the construction process, all ducts have been capped to better protect the system from construction dust.Artistic Builders has been impressed with the LEED® guidelines for green building materials.  At the Pearl, 50% of the wood is required to be certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and must come from areas that engage in re-foresting.  The builder is required to document the wood’s allocation as well as history.The USGBC has learned that accountability has become a large part of the green construction movement.  With the many financial incentive initiatives accompanying green projects, tracking has become a critical part of the LEED® rating system.

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