San Francisco's Verizon Network

I heard a rumor today that perhaps Verizon may be rolling out their pay per byte pricing on data plans beginning with their San Francisco customers who would want access to a 4G (LTE) connection.

AT&T spoke about the variable pricing model for data a couple of weeks ago. Now, Verizon is mentioning it. The problem with Verizon doing this is the sheer number of users in Silicon Valley and mid-Texas…the 2 most bandwidth-hungry places in the USA. Verizon indicates that their selection of next-generation of phones may indeed be out in late 2010, not 2011 as they indicated in late 2009.

What does this mean for a San Francisco Verizon user?

With a tiered pricing model for data starting as soon as next year, you will want to make sure your handset is wifi enabled. You definitely won’t want s new Hulu or YouTube video product to cost you an extra $500 per month to watch The Office. This should be good for AT&T & Starbucks…two of the beneficiaries of increased wifi use.

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