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Did you know the average toilet uses anywhere from 2-7 gallons of water each time you flush? In a year, a family of four can easily use over 8,000 gallons of water simply flushing the toilet! Think about your office building! This takes a tremendous toll on our water resources here in Texas. One step toward making your building a green building is by cutting back on water use.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can reduce the amount of water your toilet uses. Your local home improvement store should carry a flush regulator that lets you control how much water you use. You can do the same thing by placing a water-filled 2-liter bottle inside your toilet tank. This lowers the amount of water available to use with each flush.

Most green building organizations recommend using dual flush toilets. These toilets have been used outside the United States for years and are starting to catch on in Texas. They look like standard toilets, but dual flush toilets give you the option of using a half-flush for liquids and a full-flush for solids. Dual flush toilets use between 40-70% less water than traditional toilets.

Check with your local plumbing supply store or search online for dual flush toilets. You can find several companies within Texas that carry the more popular brands like Caroma, TotoUSA Aquia, and Kohler. Conserving water in the bathroom is an easy way to make your building a green building.

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