Score Another One for Eastern Regional Park

Houston’s League City is closing the gap on a conceptual plan for a new recreational park.  The Houston City Council is choosing from two possible plans for the newly proposed Eastern Regional Park to be designed by TBG Partners.Proposals include international soccer fields, a competition pool facility and a community center.  The pool complex will include either a 25 yard competition pool, or a 50 meter/25 yard combination pool. Original plans for a senior center and recreational pool have been changed to include two gymnasiums and a multi-purpose fitness center.Both plans now under consideration by the City Council include commitments to LEED® certification that will be provided by the US Green Building Council’s rating system.  These third party evaluations are designed to ensure efficiency and environmental benefits and are scored on six basic construction criteria.The LEED® certification demonstrates the City Council’s environmental stewardship and commendable social responsibility.  This commitment has been intertwined in the 2005 Parks and Open Space Master Plan approved by the City Council in 2006.  The site’s needs have been under review and were adjusted according to a survey of physical resources and resident input.The LEED® certification will assure residents that operating costs will be low and the net value of the project will be enhanced.  Pro-active energy and water conservancy will be utilized and the Eastern Regional Park project will substantially reduce the amounts of waste sent to landfills.Additionally, with the LEED® certification, the project should qualify for tax rebates, be healthier and safer for all park users and dramatically reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.As with all LEED® certified projects, the construction represents a win-win undertaking.  With more than 75% of new projects committed to LEED® certification, it only makes sense for communities to be ahead of the trend.  Look around Texas and you will notice the flurry of green building activity.  It is where the jobs are, where progress is and where the country’s future is heading.

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