Hard Truth 7: There May Be No Tomorrow

In a previous post I examined “8 Truths that Will Improve Your Life”, an article discussing eight harsh truths that he has learned from life.  Although life has its ups and downs, how we deal with them can sometimes make all the difference.   I have also found his seventh truth “There may be no tomorrow” to be of great importance.  We never know what is around the corner, a car crash, a heart attack or even a turbulent economic climate.  With movies releases like 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow, it seems like even the end of the world is possible.  Everyone wants to live until they are 200 years old, but this dream is a little far-fetched.  Let’s face it, there will be one day that is our last.  Until you find your magical fountain of youth, I recommend making the most of each day, or as the old adage goes, carpe diem. I try to spend time every day doing the things I love and telling people that I care about that I love them.  Stay in touch with your friends and family because you never know if today will be the last day.  By avoiding trivial matters and focusing on fulfilling each and every day, my life has drastically improved.  When you wake up every morning, make it a point for it to be the best day ever.  If the world doesn’t end overnight, you can always do it again the next day.

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