Solar HVAC in Houston Texas

 There’s a reason solar energy is a popular energy choice for green building. Solar energy is a clean, completely renewable form of energy. As long as you have sunlight (and we have a lot of sunlight in Texas), you can have energy. It doesn’t pollute the air, emit harmful fumes, or leave behind any dangerous waste.

Nearly 60% of your monthly utility bill comes from cooling and heating your building. This is a tremendous waste of energy. When you switch to a solar HVAC system, you cut down on the amount of energy your building consumes and make it a green building. You also give yourself the opportunity to cool and heat your building for free.

The main disadvantage to solar energy is the cost of purchasing and installing a system, even with the green building programs in Houston. This is why you want to make sure you by the solar HVAC system that will work best for your building. That’s where Solar Energy Systems of Houston steps in. They can help you find the right solar HVAC system.

They even have a special program in Houston so qualified customers can install their new system with little or no money down. You won’t have to worry about finding enough cash up front to pay for your new solar HVAC system. You can then pay for your new system with the money you save not paying to heat and cool your green building.

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