Starbucks Courtesy Guide

If you visit Starbucks on occasion for a gourmet coffee, there are some things you should know. Many people don’t have common courtesy towards Starbucks. Even more people don’t realize that they should have a special kind of courtesy that goes beyond basic manners towards Starbucks.Here is a courtesy guide to help you make sure you order the right way from your local Starbucks franchise.

Order in their terms

By that I mean use their language for cup sizes, menu items and any other service request. Starbucks is a sophisticated establishment that demands the respect of its customers. Well, maybe not demands it, but certainly appreciates it.You should get familiar with their terms. If you don’t know them, you can ask your friends who frequently order from Starbucks. Additionally, if you are feeling brave, you can ask one of the baristas; they will educate you.

Do not request refills

This may be alright in fast-food and sit down restaurants, but not in a coffee shop, especially Starbucks. The proper etiquette is to order a whole new coffee; that is, if you really want another coffee. However, many Starbucks customers don’t order more than one coffee; it looks slightly immature. You should be able to operate with only one cup of caffeine and coffee beans with hints of vanilla or caramel.Act professionally

Who is the target audience for Starbucks? If you guessed businessmen and businesswomen dressed sharply and on their way to an executive meeting, you guessed right. How would someone like that act? People like that have their act together. They know where they are going in life, and they won’t let anyone stop them. However, they still remain polite and reserved. Maintain a mindset like that.Conclusion

Adopt these concepts in your lifestyle and you will have the right type of courtesy when ordering from Starbucks. Remember, don’t forget to be classy.



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