Starting a Texas Business? Start Green!

Whether you want to work at home or have big dreams of a huge corporation starting off with one single thought—green, is the way to a profitable future for both you and your business. Besides the obvious like making sure you always pick recycled paper, conserving electricity by not only turning off equipment but unplugging it, or using a power strip when not in use there are less often considered ways to ensure your business is green.•    Take the LEED®  Find out what Texas’ green business organization can offer you. Learn from their experts who can show you ways to develop a green business that you can be proud of that will be profitable as well as environmentally friendly.•    Create a marketing campaign that features your green outlook. Not only will you impress consumers and gain respect in the community you will be an example for other business in Texas.•    Find out what grants and incentives are available for new businesses that want to start out green. You’ll be surprised at the government assistance and other benefits available for eco-friendly business owners.•    Consider positions that can be done by telecommunication. By either farming out certain work to freelancers online or hiring employees to work from their home you are conserving energy used in commutes and the energy used to power office space in your building.•    Participate in community environmental campaigns such as Earth Day to heighten your own awareness and provide an example for others.•    Demand that all packaging or other supplies you purchase are made in ecologically responsible ways and from recyclable materials.Take heart, it is easier to start out green than it is to change after you have an established company. You are on the verge of a wonderful new endeavor, make it a good and healthy one for everyone involved.

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