Sustainable Driving

At one time auto manufacturers had developed an electric car marketed largely in California. It was a popular success to those that purchased the expensive machines but because the margin of profit was so low car companies removed them, not only from their assembly line but from the consumers that had leased the cars in the first place.It is time to step up to the plate and demand that such automobiles be revisited. It is a good sign that the public cares enough about sustainable energy that cars like the Toyota Prius are selling as fast as they are produced and yet it is more expensive than other cars of its class because it is still considered rare and hard to come by. The manufacturers aren’t making enough to meet the demands of a public clamoring for a more efficient automobile.Automobiles are an important part of our lives and our businesses. If your company has a fleet of cars are you making sure they are the most fuel efficient machines possible today? Using cars such as Toyota’s Prius, Nissan’s Altima, Toyota’s Camry or Ford’s Escape Hybrids for your fleet will save you money as well as helping to clear the air. With gas prices always climbing or threatening to climb pouring your businesses profit into a gas tank is not the most efficient way to run your business.In the SUV class the Mazda Tribute Hybrid is the leading model of fuel efficiency and provides more space than the small Prius.New Things on the Horizon for Energy Efficient Cars?A very limited run of Honda Civic, the GX is being tested in NY and California. It is run on all natural gas. While this still uses the earth’s resources it is a cheaper alternative to petroleum oil and is not Middle East dependant.

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