Sustainable Energy Sources in Texas

Growing by one percent each year, six percent of energy in Texas is presently generated by West Texas wind power.Sustainable energy means that the source is capable of fulfilling the need at the moment without eventually depleting it due to its use by the human race.  Renewable sources of energy are elements that can’t be depleted even though we use them, such as wind, solar and geothermal power supplies. The way we use these sources can be described as energy efficient or ineffective.  When power is at a shortage, wasting it simply isn’t acceptable as a viable standard for consumption.  The method used to extract, store or harness the power must be capable of conserving most of the energy source or it doesn’t make sense as a greener technology.Wind generators, a sustainable energy alternative, have begun to sprout along the horizon easing the visual impact from an alien imposition into a more familiar silhouette. Typically, wind generators are connected to a turbine which converts the wind into electricity.  The problem with wind generators is inconsistency; you can’t accurately predict the wind.Recently, an innovation has been designed that utilizes contained and compressed air to power turbines during times when the wind is low. While this increases the accessibility of wind power, it could drive up the price by making it available on demand.Let’s put a bit of a different spin on this wrinkle; hybrid cars are a contemporary green technology that will decrease our dependency on imported oil.  The question hovers, unanswered and as an uncertainty; how and when should the battery be charged?  The wind in Texas blows stronger at night.  Is it a coincidence that this is when most of the hybrids will be in need of a charge?Smaller, more affordable turbines may be the answer.  The need to reduce our dependency on foreign oil sources may hold down the cost of powering your vehicle on domestic wind.

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