Sustainable Growth in Texas Soil

Sustainable Growth Texas uses a new, Liquid Compost Extract with Broad-Spectrum Minerals, Biological Inoculants and Microbial Food Sources to assist Texas landowners restore life to their soil and along the way grow healthy crops and healthy livestock.  The company is dedicated to the creation of functional soil foodwebs that will boost Texas sustainability and soil products.The new-age, green-oriented company has thriving distribution centers in Austin, Dallas and Houston.  All three cities have endorsed LEED® certification for new buildings.  Each center has the ability to deliver their Liquid Compost Extract (LCE), Soil Diversity Bio-Inoculant (SDBI) Bio-Stimulation Packs as well as many other natural soil products.Sustainable Growth in Texas defines the soil foodweb as the “micro and macro organisms that live in the soil, interact with plant roots, decompose organic matter, prey on other soil organisms, cycle nutrients and perform multiple functions that drive plant growth and crop production.”  Healthy soil, healthy native plants and sustainable landscape designs are an integral part of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certification process created and endorsed by the U.S. Green Building Council.Texas can be proud of this biological service company that is fully committed to sustainable soil treatments.  Results show that the company’s products promote healthy and functional soil ecology.  The liquid compost and blended organic bio-sprays augment and stimulate the soil and create underground soil biological communities to help the above ground plant communities.The company mission statement is “to create a functional soil foodweb that promotes healthy soils, healthy plants, healthy animals and ultimately healthy people.  At the bottom of everything we grow is a food supply.  At the core of that food supply is the soil.  The healthier the soil, the healthier the food and the chain just keeps strengthening.Sustainable Growth Texas offers free advice about all issues of sustainabililty.  Customers who make their own compost tea will find healthy products and persons seeking advice about LEED® certified landscape plans are welcome to contact any of the staff.  Grow Green and grow with Sustainable Growth Texas products.

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