T12 to T8 Lighting Conversions

As a facilities manager, one has many opportunities to benefit their employers and or tenants, by transforming their buildings to be more efficient while also reducing expenditures.

Many local utility companies are offering rebates on the cost to upgrade the lighting for your facility. With these rebates, the cost of the conversion is typically minimal or it may end up that no out of pocket expenses are incurred. The best outcome is the ongoing savings that will be seen on future electric bills. All of these factors can add to your value as a conscious minded employee who is looking out for your company’s bottom line.

Whenever you are looking for new products (be it personal or business) look for items that have earned the Energy Star approval rating. These items will meet strict energy efficient guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency as well as the United States Department of Energy. Energy Star is a government backed program helping businesses protect the environment through superior energy efficiency. Energy star fixtures can assist in upgrading the value of your facility, lower operating costs, save money on your electric bill, improve employee production and improve the appearance of your lighting fixtures, all while helping the environment.

Replacing outdated lighting fixtures makes sense on every level. By simply converting a one light, 60 watt, 8 foot, T-12 lighting fixture to a two light, 28 watt, T-8 type your facility can see a 37% savings to their electrical bill. With a conversion of a four light, 40 watt, 4 foot, T-12 to a four light, 28 watt, T-8 type the savings can be as much as 55%.

Energy company rebates, tax incentives and future savings will easily cover the cost of your lighting upgrade and retrofit. In addition, when you convert your lighting, you should see a noticeable reduction in your replacement and maintenance costs. Eye strain and fatigue are frequent complaints of employees. With drastic improvements to and replacement of old, outdated lighting fixtures, these employee issues can be drastically reduced and eliminated. Your facility will be more enticing for tenants, customers and employees thanks to the updated look and efficiency. 

Once your lighting upgrade has been completed, your electric supplier may be able to offer additional replacement recommendations for further energy savings. In addition, there are many other programs available with further cost savings opportunities for all aspects of your company operations.

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