Technology as a Green Tool - Part 1: Exchange

For those of you using an Apple IPhone or a Crackberry, you really need to get your IT departments to let you same the new Windows Exchange Server 2008.Right now, Exchange 2007 is the only one available, but our company has been using the 2008 version for a couple months now and love it.Over the next few days, I will be discussing the benefits of using Exchange 2008 as a business tool to promote efficient work for efficient companies.The feature for today, is the ability to do a remote wipe of the data. “What’s a remote wipe?”, you ask. It is the ability for an administrator to remotely (via a web interface) delete all data (email, contacts, photos, tasks, notes) from a device. This is extremely useful for companies like GreenEfficient who hand Windows Mobile devices out like candy. They do ocassionally get stolen or lost, so it is reassuring to have a method to protect your data once it is gone. Ask Apple of Crackberry what they can do once their devices are out of your hands.

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