Texans Oppose Reactor

In late April, groups of petitioners including the Sustainable Energy and Economic Development (SEED) Coalition, Public Citizen and the South Texas Association for Responsible Energy filed opposition to several proposed South Texas Nuclear (STP) reactors. The petition was filed with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in Austin.Currently, there are six proposed nuclear reactors in Texas. Two each are under consideration at Comanche Park, near Fort Worth, at Bay City (STP) and in Victoria. In addition to the six nuclear reactors, there are also 12 proposed Texas-based coal plants under consideration. Texas environmentalists and concerned citizens are opposed to all these projects.Karen Hadden is the Executive Director of SEED. Upon the filing, Ms. Hadden released the following statement:“Our contentions laid out the many defects in the South Texas Project license application, including inadequate fire protection, the lack of viable radioactive waste disposal plan, an inability to secure against airplane attacks, vast water consumption, water contamination risks, the failure to analyze clean, safe alternatives and an array of other financial, health and safety risks.”Hadden highlighted other concerns. Citing the non-disclosure of financial information and specifically the absence of cost estimates, the SEED Director called for thorough transparency by the developers. Despite the fact that one of the major partners is a municipal entity entitled CPS Energy in San Antonio, Hadden said there was no way taxpayers could determine their expense.Dr. Arjun Makhijani has estimated that the two reactors will cost between $12.5 and $17 billion. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has determined that nuclear power is the most expensive form of electric generation. Hadden’s petition references a statement released by the Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that declared that no new nuclear or coal plants may be needed in the United States ever again.Advocates of the sustainable energy movement, expect to gain public acceptance of their resistance on many fronts, including the demand for financial transparency and complete disclosure of all risks physical and environmental risks related to these projects. Was there ever any doubt that the country’s future is with sustainable projects?

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