Texas Smartscape Offers Xeriscaping Tools for North Central Texas

Well-manicured yards are beautiful, but they can consume up to three-quarters of a household’s total water usage. This excessive water use takes an unnecessary toll on our resources in Dallas. Xeriscaping is a great way to reduce your yard’s water usage. Not only does xeriscaping conserve water, it also attracts wildlife and reduces storm water pollution.

Successfully planning and creating a xeriscaped yard takes some time and knowledge about native Texas plants and our natural resources. To take some of the guesswork out of the plan, Texas Smartscape [LINK TO http://www.txsmartscape.com/NorthCentralTX/main.asp] has an excellent website to guide you through xeriscaping in the greater Dallas area.

The website features design tools to help you create all the maps you need to plan your xeriscape. Each section is explained in detail along with easy to read examples. You can learn how to analyze your soil, choose mulch, and even determine how much sun and shade each section of your yard receives during the day.

Perhaps the best feature of the Texas Smartscape website is their plant database. The database contains over 300 plants that are native or adapted to north central Texas and Dallas. You can search by several plant qualities, including color, water demand, and wildlife value. With these tools, you can have the best looking, environmentally friendly yard in your neighborhood.

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