The All New Evernote 3.0 For Mac - Designed For Lion

Evernote is one of the most popular note taking platforms in the world and recently the developers decided to Lionize their latest offering to Mac users by making several visual improvements so the application falls in line with the rest of the visual improvements in OSX Lion. For Mac users who have not yet updated there are several under the hood improvements, but to get the true benefit of this update, users will need to be running OSX Lion.

Brand New Look

For users who update their Evernote application, you’ll immediately notice the redesigned interface. The interface embraces how Lion has changed OSX and Evernote has taken advantage of this polish to touch up the app so it fits in beautifully with the new interface.

In addition, Evernote now has the option for users to browse the application in Full Screen mode with the simple tap of a button. The developers seem to have pulled a page from their iPad app, since the full screen mode resembles the iPad application rather remarkably. This new feature serves to bring Apple’s mobile iOS and their desktop OSX operating systems together for one unified look, which is something Apple has always prided itself in providing for the consumer.

Visual Simplicity

In addition to the new full screen mode, Evernote 3.0 also offers users the ability to hide the left panel by clicking Hide. This gives you an unobstructed view of your workspace, uncluttered and just like you wanted. A favorites bar has also been included, so you can quickly add your favorite notebooks to the top bar and access them with just the touch of a button.

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