3 Ways to Boost Performance, Make More Friends and Get More Done!

You can’t be successful before you take action, and you can’t take action until you really know what it takes to bypass hesitation, procrastination and fear. What’s preventing you from introducing yourself to a networking group, or planning for retirement right now (even know it’s year’s away)?

Why won’t you redesign your resume, or show off your best work to your employer right now? Whether you want to improve your work life, the camaraderie you have with your co-workers or your confidence, here are three new ways to boost performance, make more friends and get more done!

Dress the Part, Walk the Part, Talk the Part!

As the saying goes, presentation is everything. If you’re having difficulty committing, or finding it hard to manage an ever increasing schedule of deadlines and responsibilities, the solution may be in your walk, your talk or even what you’re wearing.

While it may sound silly in theory, how you feel about yourself is often dependent on how confident you feel based on how you look. When you look successful, it’s easier to act successful (by getting more things done!) When you look the part of a successful man/woman, you act as a successful person would—by making decisions quickly, always looking for the ‘win/win’ and treating problems as ‘challenges’ to overcome.

Dress, walk and talk how a successful person would. Assume the role of a ‘go getter’ who acts quickly, makes new friends frequently, and finds that the next big opportunity in work and beyond, is just around the corner.

Keep Records of Your Work

Beating procrastination and abolishing fear can be as simple as creating a visual reminder you can refer to when you have a low motivation day. After all, the hardest step you’ll take is the very first one! While keeping a ‘to-do’ list is important, keeping another list of everything you’ve already done is just as important! When you keep records of your work—such as ‘emails sent,’ or ‘meeting with prospective client done’, you’re setting yourself up for a ‘can do anything’ attitude—and with a record to prove it.

Know Your Strengths–And Work Them to Your Advantage

Sometimes it’s hard to take action, but we don’t always know why. Why can’t you start researching that important subject for your upcoming presentation? Why can’t you jot down more notes for your talk next week? Why can’t you do more now—so you won’t have to stress as much later? The truth is, our mind is chatting nonstop—and some of what it’s saying, isn’t anything good. In fact, it’s downright negative, demeaning and belittling!

Here’s the secret to shutting of that pesky self-talk: focus on your strengths, and forget about your weaknesses. Anytime you start thinking about what you can’t do well, or are too afraid to even try, repeat the following: “I am great at (list two or three of your greatest strengths).” Then, spend three minutes focusing on the following statement: “I am someone who finds it easy to take action, and because I take action, I find it easy to accomplish goals.”


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