The Best Calendar App for Windows

Staying organized is easy to do with the right calendar program. There are a wide variety of calendar apps and programs that are available for Windows based computers. Many offer a variety of great functionality, but none can match that of the Google Calendar.

The Google Calendar is easy to use and free for anyone with a Google account. It is quite robust and has a number of great features. Entries are simple to add and reminders can be set up where these can be e-mailed or a pop-up alert can display. The calendars can be viewed in a variety of different formats such as day, week and month. People can be invited to different events and various Google Labs can be enabled to make the functionality even better.

In addition to utilizing this calendar on the computer, it can be accessed anywhere. Smart phone users can see their Google Calendar and a variety of different programs allow Google integration.

For the person who is busy and coordinates activities with a number of different people, the ability to view different calendars is one main reason why the Google Calendar is better than much of the competition. One is able to view multiple calendars in one screen and also has the ability to pick and choose which calendars to display.

There are several other calendar programs that one can use in Windows. Some computers may come preloaded with Microsoft Outlook. For the person who utilizes this for e-mail, the calendar program is decent and actually allows Google Calendar integration. Regardless, the hands-down winner for a calendar program would have to be Google.

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