The Financial Benefits of Green Building For Your Texas Business

If you own a business in Dallas or Houston, Texas, you’ve heard about green building and probably thought about incorporating greener standards.  What it all adds up to, however, is the bottom line.  What’s the ROI?The ROI of Green BuildingMany think the cost of will be too high.  However, a review by Davis Langdon found the average cost increase for Silver LEED® certification was only 1% to 2% more than non-green building.  Many green projects had no cost increase at all.  The long-term benefits, however, far outweigh any initial costs.Recently, Turner Construction surveyed 754 executives involved with various areas of real estate, from development firms to architectural and construction firms.  49% had green buildings in their portfolios; 59% owned/leased green buildings.  Here is what they found:•    Lower energy costs•    Lower overall operating costs•    Lower total lifecycle costs over a 10-year span•    Higher building values•    Higher asking rents•    Higher occupancy rates•    Greater return on investment•    Greater worker productivityAnother study, by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), goes even more in depth.  The GSA did a performance analysis of 12 GSA green buildings, compared to the national commercial building average.  GSA green buildings showed:•    26% less energy use•    13% lower overall maintenance costs•    27% higher occupant satisfaction•    33% less CO2 emissionsA review by Rosenberg Real Estate Equity Funds (RREEF) found that lower energy costs could translate into as much as $135,000 annual savings for a 200,000 sq ft building.  In addition, LEED® certified Class A office building rentals cost an average of $10 per sq ft more than those that aren’t certified, while only having a vacancy rate of 7.4% (compared to 11.6% for non certified).You’ve seen the facts – what’s YOUR bottom line?

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