The Green Way to Damp Mop Floors

Green cleaning seems so simple. The changes are subtle but effective.  For example, take the green cleaning method of damp mopping a floor.  The process involves proper cleaning techniques, and includes measures to protect the housekeeper’s back.

  • Use cold water only – avoid hot water
  • Keep back straight – do not twist the spine
  • Bend at the knees – do not bend the back
  • Use arm muscles to move the mop – always use a figure eight pattern of mopping

The little changes are subtle, protective and healthy, but purposeful. Not only will the cleaning process be more effective but the cleaner will also be safer.

To damp mop properly, the housekeeper will need the following supplies and equipment:

  • Dust mop and accessories
  • Double mop bucket filled with cold water
  • Medium industrial loop mop
  • Wet floor signs
  • Neutral cleaner; Blue Lightning or Green magic are excellent Green Seal certified products
  • Putty knife or similar tool

Fill one of the double buckets with cold water and mix in the proper amount of detergent.  The mop wringer is placed on the empty bucket.  This is where the soil will be deposited.  Place the “wet floor signs” where they cannot be overlooked and near the area to be cleaned.  Use the putty knife to remove gum and other foreign matter.

  • Use dust mop to remove dust and loose surface material
  • Set equipment in area where work will take place
  • Begin at the farthest point and work backward toward the door
  • Position the double bucket on the un-mopped portion of the floor
  • Immerse mop head into water and detergent and wring out lightly
  • Mop a sufficient quantity of the floor and wring the soiled water
  • Repeat the process

When mopping a hallway, start by mopping the floor along the edge.  The mop head should just touch the baseboard.  Use the figure eight motion to mop large open areas.  Overlap each stroke as you move back.

Simple enough isn’t it.  That is the green cleaning way to get the job done safely and soundly.

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