The LEED® Score in Arlington is Gold!

The Pioneer 360 Business Center in Arlington, Texas, has struck gold with the U. S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) rating system.  The three building complex was designed by Alliance Architects of Arlington for Flaherty Development, also of Arlington.Gone is the outdated 800,000 square foot Festival Marketplace regional mall on State Highway 360 and in its place is the dramatic skyline created by two warehouse, office, showroom facilities and an additional 815,820 square foot cross-dock distribution center.  The two warehouse-office operations are 194,845 square feet and 152,800 square feet respectively.  The buildings feature 96 loading dock bays and 24 foot clear structure and ribbon glass bands on the front walls and two tone paint finishing and stone façade entrances on the exterior.  The largest building features a 32-foot clear structure.The LEED® certification process was considered with every stage of the development, beginning with the demolition and asbestos abatement process at the outset.  More than 91,634 tons of steel, concrete, asphalt, copper and aluminum were recycled and not sent to local landfills.  And that was just the beginning.Because the project replaced an abandoned building with a vibrant, environmentally friendly and sustainable design on an existing site rather than on a new site, significant conceptual points were awarded in the LEED® rating system.  The impact was immediately felt by surrounding properties whose land and building values have shown dramatic increases.The buildings also include white roofs and light-colored concrete, which are used to reflect heat and thus reduce the building’s cooling costs.  The installation of T-5 warehouse lights and the harvesting of sunlight will serve to reduce energy costs.Generally, green construction costs run about 1 – 2% higher than traditional building costs, but the energy savings alone will recoup the extra expenditure in a very short time.  The increased building value is a tangible gain resulting from green construction and LEED® certification.  The City of Arlington should be commended for its continued support and endorsement of the green construction’s benchmark LEED® rating system.

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