The Sky is the Limit for Greener Texas Border Patrol

The Laredo Sector Border Patrol in Texas has undertaken a major initiative toward making greener decisions for the disposal of garbage and other items collected throughout the course of their work.Energy conservation has found a new home across the state of Texas.  The new effort has a palpable presence as sustainable energy sources become the hot topic and greener building practices are being put into place state-wide.  LEED® certification has become a burgee that many of Texas businesses are proud to bear.The Border Patrol in Laredo, Texas has introduced a new recycling and energy conservation program. Any recyclable materials, such as plastics, glass, metals and paper will now be separated from other waste and placed in the appropriate blue boxes for pick-up by the local municipal program.As well, an employee-wide challenge has been issued to garner participation in the energy conservation program.  Employees are asked to submit ideas that will reduce the amount of energy used and increase the incorporation of sustainable alternatives as part of a practical and long-range application. One example has been implemented; motion-sensitive lights have been installed in the buildings in order to stop any wattage use when people are not physically in the room.These green initiatives commenced on Earth Day, April 22, 2008. In an introductory celebration held at Laredo, Texas, Customs and Border Protection employees were engaged to make small, consistent improvements in favor of extending their protection of the U.S. borders from terrorism to protecting the whole environment as part of their daily security tasks.

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