The Swine Flu and Going Green – Letter From Happy Employee

Apparently the swine flu is not as serious a disease as originally thought.  It is a pandemic and is going to spread but it doesn’t seem life threatening.  That is good news.  Maybe it is part of our new going green corporate mindset, but I have to say I was impressed with the way management handled the crises.When we joined the green movement and received our U. S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certification, things began to change around here.  Management put out a release and it stressed “sustainable social development and environmental protection.”To be honest, our company is doing well, but these days, you never know.  My fellow employees feel like I do.  This new management concept is good for everyone.  We are recycling responsibly, co-workers are using public transportation and the company even helped get our stop on a bus route.  There are other things too, like native plants for landscaping and low-energy lighting.  I guess our water system will be changing and other things I don’t even know about yet.Whatever is going on, it is good.  Management is doing the right things and I like coming to work here.  I also like the way the company did its part in response to the swine flu.Tips from the CDC about prevention and about the symptoms of the disease itself were e-mailed to all employees.  Our bathrooms were stocked with plenty of tissues and hand cleaner.  We were advised to keep coffee areas and seating areas cleaner than usual and to keep our hands away from our eyes and mouth.The doorknobs, glass and desks are cleaned with green products regularly.  Everyone has pitched in.  So far, we have not had one case of swine flu at work.I am glad that the disease does not seem to be as serious as originally expected.  That’s great.  But, the way my company joined in the fight for prevention made me proud to be working for a conscientious employer who is taking the green movement to heart and making this a healthier, happier place to work.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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