Top Traits of Great Leaders (How to Implement Leadership in Your Work)

If you aren’t totally happy with an aspect of your career (or are a firm believer than you could always improve something in order to achieve future goals) then this article is for you. Could winning more in your work life be as simple as exuding a win/win attitude? Could harnessing your intuition amount to better decision making?  It just may be that easy. Read on to learn what leaders do and how you can follow in their footsteps.

Leaders Have a Win/Win Attitude

Does it seem like those in a high position (the President of a company, a successful entrepreneur or your boss) avoids drama at all costs? Do they seem to get more done, and in less time than most people you know? Call it a cause and effect of the ‘win/win’ attitude. When you assume a ‘win/win’ attitude, you look for solutions, instead of dwelling on the problem.  If you feel overwhelmed with your work load, you prioritize, and delegate what you can. If you’re up against a deadline, you arrange your day’s schedule to maximize your productivity.  When you have a ‘win/win’ attitude, problems don’t exist, only opportunity.

Leaders Practice Persistence

So, your client didn’t love your pitch like you thought he would, or that presentation you were in charge of didn’t lead to a round of rowdy applause like you imagined? So what? You’re a leader, a dreamer and a success story of your own making which means that you’re unstoppable.

No matter how far off track you veer (not everything will work out how you planned, no matter how much you try), persist. A true leader knows that the real key to success is falling down a time or two (or 100 times!), dusting off what didn’t work, and forging ahead with the knowledge of what might work better next time. Make persistence your motto, and demonstrate the true art of being a leader today.

Leaders Rely on Their Intuition

Everyone that has blazed a trail or two has relied on one common but powerful tool for success: their intuition. When it comes to your own success, it’s important to ask yourself the following: will I rely on outside influences, or on the influence of my own wisdom and knowledge to make the best decision for myself and my career?

Here’s why intuition is so important:  only you know what your vision entails, and what you are capable of. How can you possibly nurture your eye for talent if you’re waiting on someone else’s approval? How can you know who the best assistant will be for your needs if you don’t go within for the answer? How can you put trust in a potential business partner when you don’t trust yourself? When making any decision in career, ask yourself the question all great leaders have and will continue to do: does it feel right?

If it feels right, then proceed. If you feel uneasy about moving forward, then come to a halt, reflect and ask yourself this question: what direction is the right direction to go, in order for things to feel right? Think of your intuition as your inner GPS. When you depend on it to get you to where you want to go, it won’t ever let you down. It’ll provide for you a navigation so that you never get lost, from the day to day decisions you need to make, to the larger-than-life questions in your career you need to answer for yourself.

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