Tips for Buying a Used Hybrid

Hybrid vehicles have been on the market now long enough to make it possible for you to buy a used one. Buying used means you avoid high new car depreciation and is another form of recycling. Like buying any other used car in Texas, you need to do your homework to get the best deal for yourself.

1.    Do your research. There’s no excuse for being an uninformed buyer. Before you purchase a traditional used car, you take the time to find out which models have had maintenance problems and which have the best reviews. The same is true for hybrids.

2.    Learn the car’s history. If you’re seriously considering a particular hybrid, purchase a vehicle history report from an agency like Carfax. You never know when a car has been in a serious accident or sustained damage from a storm.

3.    Pay attention to the battery. There’s a good reason to be concerned about the condition of a hybrid’s batter. Hybrid batteries can be expensive to replace, often ranging between $2,000-3,000. Check with the car’s manufacturer about their battery warranty so you exactly what you could be dealing with if the battery malfunctions after you buy it.

4.    Check the mileage. Mileage is important for any used car, but it’s even more important with hybrids. Less mileage means less wear and tear on the hybrids different parts, which usually translates into a longer lasting vehicle for you and a better environment here in Texas.

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