Tips for small business homepage design

Every small business owner is looking to carve out their own little corner of the web and capitalize on the billions of internet users worldwide. In regards to websites, this means that it can be tough to make a homepage that will not only intrigue new customers, but drive up revenue and create a loyal following. With a few simple steps, small business owners can make websites pop out to customers and keep them coming back.

The first step is to skip the default websites. Many web-hosting and web design companies offer free templates to their customers. They have a drag-and-drop style setup that allows customers to input their information and pictures, and the pages are created automatically. These websites are a dime and dozen and offer very little in the way of customization. Opting for a paid template or a dedicated web designer will allow for creative freedom, a more ergonomic design, and drive customers past the homepage and into the products or services.

The second mistake that many small business owners make is bogging down the homepage with too much information. Instead of listing off testimonials, locations, hours, phone numbers, pictures, and products, the mantra of ‘less is more’ can be used. Products should be restricted to top-selling items or sales while reviews and testimonials should be saved for dedicated pages. Contact information, such as phone numbers and email addresses, should remain clearly visible, near the top of the page, and eye-catching.

The homepage of a small business’ website can be likened to a storefront. Information should be concise, pertinent, and draw the customers in. With a few small tweaks to a page, companies will instantly have access to billions of internet users around the world.

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