Top 10 Creative QR Codes

For over 15 years, QR codes have been restricted to car manufacturing plants as a way to organize basic parts and materials. These dull early years has have come to an end though as more companies, bands, celebrities, authors, and more have discovered the power of the QR code. Here are 10 of the most creative uses for QR codes today.

1. Clothing
To put it simply, basic promotions on clothing is overdone. Why not put a small QR code on the clothing to spur on curiosity and initiate a conversation?

2. Business Cards
While not exactly a breathtaking use of the QR code, this is an inventive way to make a business card stand out.

3. Band Promotions
Handing out flyers will result in a lot of ripped up flyers on the ground. With a QR code, potential fans can access a free single or an entire album.

4. Storefronts
Having the word “SALE!” posted up just no longer cuts it. Customers can search through products and finally have a reason to come in because of a QR display.

5. Non-Profits
QR codes can be used for good also. Use them to link to helpful hotlines or donations pages.

6. Forget the Credit Cards
Retail ompanies have begun using QR codes as the method of purchase. Point, click, and walk out of the store without standing in line.

7. Reviews and Previews
Instantly find up-to-date reviews and previews before having to lug a product home only to find it is not up to par.

8. Directions
Lost? Click on these QR codes to have step by step directions to wherever you are going.

9. The Art Scene
Place one of these next to an art display and link to information about the piece and artist.

10. Underground Events
An event isn’t exactly underground with a billboard displaying the time and place. Instead shoot for the subtle invite of a QR code.

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