Top 4 Environmental Products For Green Building

Out of the thousands of green building products available, many of them fall far from the mark.  Most don’t do as much for the environment as they say, and some don’t do anything at all.  A few stand out, however.Top 4 of 2008Several great products for green building came into being in 2008.  With 09′ just beginning, let’s look at last year’s leaders:1. Integrity Block – A block made out of compacted earth, the Integrity Block is meant to replace concrete masonry units (CMUs) at competitive costs.  They contain up to 60% mining or quarrying byproduct, use 40% less energy to make and meet ASTM C-90 for load-bearing concrete.  Because Integrity Blocks contain a high percentage of pre-consumer recycled content, using them will gain you LEED® credits for recycled content.2.  Emerald Safe ‘N Sound Interior Doors – Made of solid wheat-straw particleboard cores, composite wood skin and FSC certified, solid wood stiles and rails, the Safe N’ Sound Emerald doors reduce sound transmission.  They don’t contain added urea-formaldehyde, a substance common in many older doors.  Installation of these doors can gain LEED® credits for recycled content, rapidly renewable materials and certified wood.3.  FSC-Certified PlybooPure Bamboo Flooring – The first bamboo flooring to carry FSC certification, PlybooPure is also the first bamboo flooring known to be free of formaldehyde.  Bamboo is rapidly renewable, and the flooring release minimal pollutants. LEED® credits for rapidly renewable materials, low-emitting material and certified wood are gained by the use of this product.4.  Natura Paint – Natura is a line of zero-VOC paints and primers.  The paints are spatter-resistant, fast drying and have little smell.  Because Natura releases minimal pollutants, it qualifies for LEED® credits in construction IAQ (Interior Air Quality) management plane and low-emitting materials.For more information on any of these products, please click on the product name.

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