Top 5 Ways to Use Google+ Circles

1. Separate coworkers from the rest of them. There’s no need to seem unprofessional by either cursing in your Google+ posts or putting up inappropriate photos. In fact, you can still do those things! Just make sure you’re posting the bad stuff to the right Circles by leaving out your coworkers. This can also work with those necessary “personal days.” Posting “I’m on the beach right now!” is probably a bad idea on Facebook. But in Google+, your coworkers will never see it as long as you have them in their very own Circle.

2. Make Circles for your hobbies. Your yacht club is not interested in the knitting project you finally finished, but I bet your knitting group is. Put everyone in your knitting group in the ‘Knitting’ Circle and post relevant items there only.

3. Connect with customers. That’s right, put your Google+ account on your business card. Let them join your ‘Customer’ Circle. Then use it for ad placement, product pushing, and information about the services you want them to purchase. Hey, sometimes all it takes is hearing about it or reading it again.

4. Separate your family from your friends. Your friends don’t want to see the pictures taken at Aunt Edna’s birthday party, but your mom does. Additionally, use this type of Circle to keep your mom from seeing suggestive items that you post.

5. Put an ‘ex’s Circle. Post “I’m so lonely tonight!” and time the response. You won’t be disappointed.

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