ÜberTwitter doesn’t suck

There was a time not long ago when you could Google the name of any product plus the word “sucks” and get a search result yielding a fairly clear and passionate taste of what Internet users thought of the said product and how it stacked up against other products. Try that trick today, however, and you’re likely to find that according to the results returned by a Google search, pretty much everything sucks.

For example, take the two popular Blackberry Twitter apps, ÜberTwitter and Open Beak (formerly Twitterberry). Popular opinion is split: Internet users enjoy both, and likewise feel both suck. And that makes it a bit harder to decide which of the two a Blackberry user ought to download. So we asked withbeans.com’s technology correspondent to load both apps on his Blackberry and report back. Some observations:

— ÜberTwitter is pretty. Its balloons are easier on the eyes than Open Beak’s interface.

— ÜberTwitter has far more menu choices than Open Beak via the all-purpose Blackberry menu button.

— ÜberTwitter allows you to drill down more with your menu choices, but that can make it all too easy to back all the way out of the application when you’re hitting the return key to get back to a screen. Here Open Beak’s simplicity is a plus – you won’t find yourself inadvertently leaving the app as much.

— ÜberTwitter has “@[your Twitter name]” as one of its menu choices, not so with Open Beak. Also when our tech correspondent was cited in a Tweet, ÜberTwitter sent an alert; Open Beak did not.

— Both apps provide a glimpse of your Twitter timeline; Open Beak took a shorter amount of time to retrieve it.

So while neither app sucks, ÜberTwitter, by a comfortable margin, doesn’t suck more.

According to yet another Google search there is one thing Blackberry and Twitter fans do seem to agree on: Twitter is taking a bit too long certainly took long enough to come out with their official app for the Blackberry.

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