Upping the Ante: Improve Your Office Building, Improve the Productivity of Your Team

Upping the Ante: Improve Your Office Building, Improve the Productivity of Your Team

Who knew that such a small improvement in your office building could make such a big impact on your business?  Who knew something as simple as color, light or furniture placement could improve the focus of your designers, web content wizards and social media manager? When you make small changes (the rearranging of furniture, for example), improve the productivity of your entire team!  Here are the three power players you won’t want to do business without.

Let Them See the Light

Your team of assistants, accountants and engineers are going to get bogged down with work from time to time—when their deadlines approach, it’s crunch time. Are you hearing them sigh and stress? Then, lead them to the light (literally!)

If you’ve ever worked in a florescent lit office building, then you know as well as anyone it’s not long before your eyes sting, your head hurts and your cheerful disposition has dropped. Studies have shown that natural light can improve focus, mood and alertness. This is because sunlight, as opposed to artificial light, increases the amount of happy brain chemicals such as melatonin that a person is able to produce.

When your team of designers and accountants are able to utilize natural light as their primary light source, their daily rate of productivity will fly off the charts (and increased profit will land right in your lap.)

Rounded Furniture Promotes a Collaborative Work Environment

Does your writing team have enough space to create thoughtfully, creatively and intelligently? Collaboration, teamwork and productivity in the right environment is key.

In a 2011 study in which grad students rated pictures of rounded and straight edged office furniture (such as desks, couches and chairs), the results showed that rounded furniture brought on feelings of connectedness and creativity. As it turns out, King Arthur and his knights had it right by gathering around a ‘round table.’  When you arrange furniture that faces one another in a circular fashion, you can easily achieve a work environment that promotes comradery, support and insight!

Choose Colors That Promote Focus (Not Frustration!)

What’s in a color? While the hue that you choose for your office, the reception area and shared wall space may seem like a matter of personal taste and style, the psychological effects run deeper than you may realize.  A shade of green (such as sage or blue green) can assist with creativity and producing new ideas.  Bolder shades, such as bright red or maroon, aids in your attention to detail.

You spend the majority of your day during the week at your desk. Show your entire team how much you value them with circular furniture placement, natural light to support a focused mind and color that fuels alertness and creativity.

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