Want to Win at the Game of Life? Rules for Doing More & Being Better!

If you feel like you’re falling behind in terms of your career, your finances, or you’re simply not as far along as you’d like to be in life—it may be because you’re focusing too much on the ‘rules’. We’ve all made up some for ourselves, and somewhere along the way, those rules don’t serve in our best interest. We compare ourselves to others, and feel as though we ‘failed’ when we don’t live up to the expectations we set ourselves up for.

Let’s change the rules by changing the game, shall we? When you focus on winning at the game of your life (not your mother or father’s life for example), you’ll begin to get more done, become better at the things you enjoy doing, and ease into success, naturally!

Define ‘Winning’ in the Workplace and Beyond

How can you expect to meet a goal when you’re competing with multiple people’s definition of what winning really is? What does winning in life mean to you? Is it being in a creative work environment, one that allows you to create and conceptualize?

Do you need to work in a place that rewards collaboration, or do you need to be a in a place that rewards an independent mode of thought, work and progress?

Make a list of five things you need in your work life that will allow you to thrive—from your work environment to salary. When you know what your ‘big picture’ goals are, you can then actively pursue them by creating weekly steps to get there.

Put the Work Out There, Even If It’s Not Perfect

Many people cease to ever achieve their goals because they are waiting. Maybe they are waiting for the perfect time to advocate for themselves to their boss for a managerial position, or maybe they are waiting for that ‘perfect job’ elsewhere, so they stay put in an unhappy work environment for years. Or maybe they hesitate on speaking out for themselves when they should for fear of not knowing the perfect thing to say—and how best to say it.

If you want to win in your career or in your personal life, the key is putting it out there. Put your work out there, even if it’s not perfect. Speak up for yourself even before you know the perfect thing to say. Take steps towards pursuing that goal EVEN IF you aren’t quite sure of what you’re doing. Winners don’t hesitate—they shake things up by seizing the moment.

Invest in a ‘Presentation is Everything’ Attitude (Because It Is)

Do you have a limp handshake? Do you know what you’re wearing to work the night before, or do you just put something together on a whim? Is your hair in place? Do you feel successful? Many people make the mistake of dressing for the role they want only after they get it—but shouldn’t you dress for the role you want, in order to be taken seriously and land that position in a quicker period of time?

Presentation is everything, because it allows those ‘power players’ in your life to see you as more than what your current position at work says you are. You’re a power player too, and a true leader—so dress like one. You’ll be amazed at how differently people will respond to you.

Play Your Goals Over in Your Head (As If You’re Watching a Movie)

Have you ever known a truly successful person who appeared to be ‘wishy-washy?’ Nope. That’s because success is knowing what you want, refusing to turn away from opportunity, and acting quickly on decisions that need to be made. However, it’s also about knowing exactly what you want (even though you may not know how you’ll get it.)

Here’s a little trick to get to success just a little bit quicker: once a day for five minutes a day, close your eyes and imagine watching a movie of your life. However, you’re only going to watch the same scene over and over again.

Whatever you want to achieve, watch it play out in your mind. If it’s to own your own company, imagine seeing yourself walk into a spacious office, with your name followed by ‘CEO’ mounted on your door. Imagine shaking the hand of other CEO’s you’re partnering up with, or being congratulated by your dedicated staff of another year of success. Imagine whatever ‘winning’ means to you for just five minutes a day—and you’ll be well on your way to creating a life of meaning, passion and purpose.

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