Ways to communicate your strategy more effectively

Communicating your strategy more effectively is all about getting people to do what you need them to do. Forget “clear communication,” anybody can communicate clearly. The trick is talking so other people will listen, getting them to pay attention and actually follow along with the plan.

Here’s the number one Big Secret to dealing with people: take an interest in them before expecting them to take an interest in you.

It may seem altruistic, but in reality, the quickest and most effective way to get what you’re after is to take an interest in other people, be they employees, business partners, clients or investors. People aren’t naturally interested in other people, and they’re not naturally interested in you and what you’re trying to offer them. What they’re interested in is their own hobbies, their own work and their own finances.

If you can give people what they want, if you can play into what interests them, then getting them to follow along with your strategy will be the easiest thing in the world.

Here’s a trick: when writing emails, try not to use the word “I.” Use the words “you” and “your” as much as possible. This will incline you to focus on their needs and wants. By letting a client know what you have to offer them, rather than what you need from them, you get them on your side quickly and you have a captive audience for whatever plans you want to push.

Getting people to really listen to your strategy is not so much about barking orders and telling people what must be done, it’s not even about convincing them that it’s the best course of action. It’s all about letting them know what’s in it for them. Those who can master this skill are invariably the most effective leaders in all fields of life.

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