What Impact Can a Home Office Make?

If you own a small business that you operate out of your home you may think all this talk of business energy conservation is not for you—you’re wrong. In fact, you can make a huge difference, and you already are in many ways. Home businesses are the path for the future for many reasons, but the most ecologically important one is:A home business cuts the use of gas used for transportation commuting 100%.Of course it can’t be left to end there. Making your home as eco-friendly as possible is vital to maintaining a green office environment in your home. Use renewable energy resources whenever possible, make sure all of your products are environmentally safe and made from recycled products, and use what energy you do consume wisely. Turn off and unplug all office related machinery when not in use.What Can A Big Business Do To Join In?Just because you are not a home business does not mean you cannot make good use of the concept to heighten your company’s energy efficiency commitment.Create telecommuting positions whenever possible: This is a great way to make use of the home office concept while maintaining your own office structure. Many common office jobs do not require face-to-face interaction and on the occasion when it is necessary to have a meeting the many media options available online make that possible too. Hiring online assistants, secretaries, sales people, and even call centers is a useful method of cutting your office energy use and reducing commuter traffic.There is no reason any longer for the massive road congestion on our nation’s highways. Even Texas with its massive expanses is seeing a huge increase in traffic in its urban areas. Reduce our dependency on foreign oil, and cut out the travel time for your employees with responsible hiring practices and job creation.

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