What stock market turmoil taught me

The stock market has been in shambles many times. However, the market has been worse off these past few years more than previous decades. Many companies took a hit, other companies went bankrupt. Do you want to know what the stock market turmoil taught me? Let me tell you a couple of things it taught me.It taught me to be smart

If you want to invest in the stock market, you are going to have to be smart like me. You can’t invest without studying the charts. You have to predict when the market will fluctuate. Moreover, it may be beneficial to learn how to shortchange the market; get in at the low points and pre-sell. Then, buy it back when the stocks rise in value.It taught me that things need to be changed

Do you know why the stock market is in turmoil? Because people are not buying. This lowers the value of a stock, which scares even more people from investing. Do you want to know how to fix this? Start spending money. The only way the economy will survive this great recession is if people make a conscious decision to spend money.Of course, investors are going to take their money and flee if they see their prized stocks decline in value. Why would they want to see all of their money crumble and diminish? I guess you can not really blame them for their behavior. Would you not do the same thing?

That’s what the turmoil taught me

To sum things up, if you are going to invest in the stock market during these times, be smart. To the people on the outside looking in, start spending your money. The government can not bring the economy back to a restored status, it is up to you!
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