What Would James Bond Drive to Walmart?

If James Bond decided to make a quick trip to Walmart, he would want to travel in a luxury vehicle, ideally one that is fast enough to make a quick escape if necessary. However, one of Bond’s fancier Audis or Aston Martins would not be appropriate for something as pedestrian as a Walmart excursion. His car would need to be fancy enough to impress the ladies, but not so fancy as to attract attention from potential enemies.

The ideal vehicle for a Walmart trip would be a Volvo S40T5, the model that James Bond drove in the movie “Quantum of Solace.” While the Volvo is anything but ordinary, it looks normal enough to not draw excessive attention from other Walmart shoppers. After undergoing a major facelift in 2008, the Volvo S40T5 now comes with extra storage space, perfect for stashing several cartfuls of purchases. And with a top speed of 146 miles per hour, the Volvo S40T5 is capable of making a quick getaway in case James Bond runs into any unsavory characters.

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