What's Better?: 2 1-Week Vacations or 1 2-Week Vacation

One 2 week vacation is much better than two 1 week vacations. When you have a choice, the longer vacation is always the better deal because you get to spend more of your trip on recreation and less on transportation.

First, you spend less time in airports eating whatever passes for nutrition in an airport bar. Nachos and a Pinot Grigio were the only digestible comestibles I could find the last time I sat at JFK waiting for a plane (only to have that plane take me to another airport lounge and another plate of stale tortilla chips).

Second, you only have to adjust to a new time zone twice instead of four times. If you’ve ever missed last call in LA because you’re still breathing on Monaco time, you know what a drag it can be to read about your light weight tendencies in the Inquirer the next day.

Third, staying over a second week gives you time to relax and look your best. Jet lag may look terrible on Charlie Sheen, but honestly, it doesn’t do much for anyone’s complexion. Save your cucumbers for bad jokes and late night hummus sandwiches, those slices won’t cover up a weekend spent in transit.

Fourth, you will have time to shop and not go crazy trying to experience everything in a week’s time. After you spend two days adjusting to the local time and climate, you’ll appreciate the chance to relax and visit attractions without feeling like you might have to forgo the jet skis or para-sailing.

Fifth, you can skip a week of packing and unpacking. Use the extra time to catch up on your Kindle or just for flirting with the hired help. They can dream, can’t they?

Wherever you are headed for your next vacation, don’t let anyone talk you out of a nice long stay. Two weeks will allow you the time you need to relax and enjoy the destination.

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