What's Better?: 4 Wheels or 2 Wheels on the Weekend

There’s a time and place for everything. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. There are times and certain days of the week that just call for different things. Coffee is best in the morning, beer is made for the night life, and 2 wheels are perfect for the weekend. These aren’t laws that are written on stone tablets. They are not commandments that people must live by. These are just natural things that appear to be unspoken rules in society.

All people will pretty much agree that Monday is a dreadful beginning to another week. Surprisingly, rich people that can choose their own schedules will still say that Monday is a bore. It is something that is embedded within the psychological profiles of humans. There is a slight increase in motivation as Tuesday rolls around, but it doesn’t compare at all to Wednesday. This day is commonly referred to as hump day because the week has almost come to a close. Thursday is an easy day because Friday is right around the corner. When Friday comes everyone is already considering how the weekend will be spent.

The motorcycles, dirk bikes, and scooters are all 2 wheel vehicles that are much more fun for the weekend. There are lots of places that a person can access on a 2 wheel bike that just cannot be reached with a 4 wheel vehicle like a jeep.

Driving around on 4 wheels is ideal for a Monday morning. The city isn’t buzzing with excitement. Most people are back to their regular grind. There are no real exciting motorbike races happening on a Tuesday or Wednesday morning. All of the people that really love the excitement that comes with the weekend will be working hard in their cubicles. They may be goofing off at work with daydreams of the weekend to come. They will not, however, be spending a large amount of time on 2 wheels during the weekday.

When the weekend arrives people will see the things much differently and desire some 2 wheel action. There are bicycle races, motorbike events, dirt bike competitions, and even 2 wheel skateboards contests. There are also certain sections of beaches, resorts, or parks that are also made for scooters. Individuals that are not interested in any of this may simply choose 2 wheels because it they are just more fun for weekend rides.

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