What's Better?- A Dark Suit Or A Light Suit

Events worthy of a suit and possibly even a tie pop up on the calendar regularly for folks with money, personality, and a long list of friends. The first question that every man is faced with when planning his attire is the basic choice between wearing a dark suit or a light suit. While fashion and traditional social norms used to dictate what a man wore and when, mankind has thankfully evolved to a point where there is much room for individual interpretation. That having been said, should you wear a dark suit or a light suit to your next important function? Here is what you need to know.

Dark suits were traditionally worn as a way to understate yourself and blend into the background of a function with a greater purpose than drinking cocktails and schmoozing. Dark suits were reserved for funerals, weddings and other highly-formal events. Thankfully, the strict customs that traditionally governed the wearing of dark suits have been eased in recent years, and dark suits are currently worn in every type of environment, from job interviews to romantic dinners. Designers have seen this as an opportunity, and a number of irrepressible modern spins on the traditional dark 3-buttons and 2-buttons have recently become available on the left and right coasts of the United States.

Light suits are for the bold and irrepressible types, the kind of people who have the moxie and energy to be the center of every conversation. Grey, beige, baby blue and even white suits can be worn if your intent is to stand out from the conventional crowd. Wearing a light suit is an excellent way for a single man to approach an event that is likely to have a high number of single women, as the light tones will work with the female psyche, making them initially view a man in a light suit as a sensitive individual that can be trusted. The rest is up to you.

While it is obvious that both dark and light suits have their places in modern society, it becomes clear upon further analysis that dark suits are indeed superior to light suits given their versatility, sleekness and slimming effects, and their irrevocable place in American culture.

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