What's Better?: A Ferrari Or An Aston Martin Let Your Heart Decide

If you are looking for a Ferrari (like the stretch limo modena pictured) or an Aston Martin then you are looking for the best of the best when it comes to performance and motor sport. Ferrari holds a name and an image that dates back for the last half a century. The story is the same with Aston. They are both icons to an automotive enthusiast. Which are you?

Aston tends to be best for those who have discriminating tastes, to say the least, and prefer the air of British craftsmanship. The Ferrari fans will enjoy more Italian pizazz with their car. Ferraris are provocative while the Astons are more subtle, but of course, no less powerful. Both cars will look great parked outside your home or down on the French Riviera. James Bond, of course, would never find himself in the Italian stallion, though he would of course feel at home in a DB9 from Aston Martin.

In a Ferrari you wear Gucci sunglasses while in the Aston you will turn up looking the part in a suit. They are worlds apart and when it comes down to it, the question is, which one are you? Are you a jet-setter who wants to spoil your latest catch? Either will suit you well. Prices are comparable.

Ferrari has spent more of their time on the race track of late and the evidence shows through in their road cars–each of their offerings are brimming with technology which some might find too scientific. For those that would rather ditch the science lesson and return to the French Riviera, consider instead a classic Ferrari 275 or Daytona. These will not perform on the track any more, but they will still win over your heart when driving through the Alps. A classic DB5 or DB9 from Aston will thrill your heart as well, but in quite a different way.

Bottom line is that if you ask a Ferrari owner which is best you know what the answer will be. If you ask an Aston Martin enthusiast which they prefer and the story will be the same. Let your heart decide which is best after taken each for a long drive on a winding road. There is no better way to tell which will actually move you the most. Let your drive begin with the search for the perfect model of ultimate performance.

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