What's Better?: Beaver Creek or Maui

Rich and undecided

Sometimes acquiring money isn’t the biggest struggle – what to do with that money is. Planes, cars and swimming pools can only satisfy for so long. Eventually the rich need to expand their imaginations, open up their checkbooks and notify their friends and clients.

Where you choose to spend your vacations is just as trendy and important as the boat you sail on or the home you live in.

So what’s a better place to visit: Beaver Creek or Maui?

Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek has become one of the most talked about travel sites for the privileged. Nestled near Avon, Colorado, the ski resort has become known for its upscale accommodations. Although aimed at families and groups, the resort is also singles-friendly.

It has one of the nicest resort golf courses in the country, designed by renowned course architect Robert Trent Jones II. The clubhouse restaurant, Rendezvous Club, offers a stylish retreat from long days of game play.

Beaver Creek’s massive employee roster guarantees that visitors will never have to do anything themselves.

With four mountains, stunning scenery and a chapel, Beaver Creek is the perfect destination for wealthy, young travelers.


The second largest island in Hawaii, Maui has been an ideal destination for years. It’s hard to remember a time when Maui wasn’t “Maui.”

Maui has won some of the most prestigious awards in the travel business. And for good reason. More than two million tourists visit the island every year, flooding the Hawaiian heaven with billions of dollars in revenue.

Maui’s most popular places include Lahaina and Hana Highway. People travel thousands of miles to experience the unimaginable mountains, lush waterfalls and amazing black sand beaches. Entire streets are lined with stores and restaurants.

Snorkeling, surfing and sunset cruises may be exotic in other parts of the world, but in Maui they are just part of the package.

And the winner is…

Wherever you want to go. Both Beaver Creek and Maui offer the kind of resorts that playmakers seek. They have different climates, scenery, wardrobes and experiences. Beaver Creek is a winter wonderland, while Maui gives the kind of beachside experience only seen on postcards.

How much money you have is a sign of wealth and status. What you do with that money is an even bigger sign. For those that don’t consider cost when travelling the world, consider Beaver Creek or Maui.

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