What's Better?: Big SUV or Small Hybrid

The answer to this an most questions is: It depends on what you need.

For a mom shuttling her 5 kids and their friends around, a small hybrid is simply not going to cut it. For anyone who absolutely needs the space, there’s really no choice – a big vehicle is the only way to go, buuuuut what about the rest of us?

Lots of people think having a monster truck for their daily commute brings them status. If your friends often let loose a loud “Yee-ha!!” as you drive around, this might also apply to you. For those whose closet contains things other than camouflage, denim, and flannel, it probably has the opposite effect.

The fact of the matter is that the world is full of posers. People wear cowboy boots and hats, but have never been on horseback. They delight in donning martial arts themed shirts when they have never had a martial arts lesson. They buy big, scary dogs when they have no idea at all how to take care of them. They also like driving big trucks when they have absolutely no need for such a vehicle. Trying to project an image that isn’t who you are isn’t cool or tough, it’s fake and stupid.

There is no one on this planet over the age of 10 who isn’t aware that there is a crisis in the realm of petroleum fuels. Anyone who refuses to realize this and act accordingly is like a farmer plowing his field with a mule while he scoffs at the new fangled tractors his competition is using.

For anyone who needs massive passenger or storage space, or the ability to tow a boat or trailer, that big SUV is probably the better choice. For everyone else, driving the hybrid shows that they are smart enough and confident enough not to be a poser.

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