What's Better?: Bow Tie or Windsor Knot

Dressing in style is something that is important to many men. In fashion, it is very easy to be out of place or be underdressed. Choosing between a bow tie and a Windsor knot tie is an important decision. Both have their merits, but there is only one that can be more appropriate most of the time.

A bow tie will generally have a very specific application and attire that works. The bow tie is generally more difficult to correctly put on unless a clip on model is used. The real man should tie his own bow tie, so the clip on models is only acceptable when it comes to proms and weddings.

The Windsor knot tie is generally the more accepted tie in business and is usually more stylish and more presentable than a bowtie. There are some pitfalls when it comes to the traditional necktie. One that has a lot of vibrant colors or interesting designs may not be appropriate and may horribly clash with what is being worn and everything around. Also, special holiday neckties should never be worn. The only exception to this would be for someone over the age of sixty. Then, they are able to get away with wearing a Christmas tie that has Santa Clause on it.

If looking to be stylish and professional while being safe, the Windsor knot tie is the best option. For someone who is a bit more daring or has a specific outfit or event that the tie will work with, then this is the best option. Choose wisely.

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